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FROM THE BLOG : 2014 MLK Day Celebration In Ashland, Oregon

2014 MLK Day Celebration In Ashland, Oregon

Few messages in our lifetimes are as important to carry forward to future American generations as those conveyed by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On the 50th Anniversary of his famous ‘I Have a Dream” speech in Washington DC, citizens in Ashland gathered for the 25th year to commemorate the work of the great civil rights leader and to continue to spread his message of brotherhood, equality, tolerance, and love.

A group of community volunteers under the direction of Paul Collins, in conjunction with Ashland Home Net and RVTV at the Digital Media Center of SOU, collaborated to stream and televise live the 2014 ceremony. If you weren’t able to catch it live please enjoy it now, and share the link to this page far and wide!

MLK photo courtesy of Library of Congress

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