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5 Departments on Ashland Budget Agenda Tonight

Ash City HallThe Budget Process for the City of Ashland continues live on RVTV Channel 9 tonight beginning at 6pm and also streaming live on the RVTV website here. Five different City Departments will be under examination tonight, The City Recorder is first after public input, followed by Administration, Administrative Services, the Fire Department, and the Electric/IT department. Public input is also taken after the departmental presentations. There is a possibility that tonight’s agenda could exceed the time limit tonight, if so, there is a 6pm continuation scheduled for tomorrow, if needed. Should that occur, the Thursday 6pm Budget session would be seen on RVTV Channel 15 live, and would stream on 15. Check the programming blog and website listings tomorrow to see if there is a Thursday meeting.

Should Ashland Budget carry over to Thursday it would be a busy night emanating from the DMC as there is a live Medford Planning Meeting at 5:30 on Channel 14, Moving Ahead with ODOT is live on channels 9 and 21GP at 6, and Ashland Budget would go live at 6 on Channel 15. That is maxing out capacity! Hours of local information coming back via our televised replays and video on demand services. Keeping our Communities connected and informed.

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