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FROM THE BLOG : Ashland Council Decides No on Loaded Carry Ban

Ashland Council Decides No on Loaded Carry Ban

After months of intense debate in the community and some intense legal work by City Attorney Dave Lohman the Ashland City Council last night decided to not enact an ordinance against carrying loaded firearms in the City. The anticipated debate and discussion of that topic came and went quickly at the end of a 3 and a half hour Council meeting Tuesday night. The video on demand file is available here.

Council originally had taken a look at a stronger ordinance, brought forth by citizens concerned about gun violence in America. The prospect of potential court challenges from gun rights groups led Councilors to work with City staff to craft a new ordinance that would have made it illegal to carry loaded weapons in Ashland. But the Council voted 7-1 last night to not take any action on the revised plan.

Concealed carry permit owners would have been excluded from the ban, which would have allowed those gun owners to continue to carry with firearms loaded.

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