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Ashland Planning Commission continues B&B Work

B&BBed and Breakfast Inns and short term vacation rentals are becoming more and more preferred by travelers who yearn for a more “homey” feel to their accomodations. As a tourist magnet, Ashland has a growing inventory of these units in it’s residential neighborhoods. How to keep the locals and visitors in harmony was a continued topic at the Ashland Planning meeting last night.

Code amendments concerning written notices to neighbors for the first three years of operation and a walking distance boundry with-in the Historic District will be forwarded to the City Council for approval. There was also discussion as to the possibility of allowing non-owner occupied, short term home rentals in R-1 zoning districts. Currently, such operations are only allowed in R-2 and R-3 zones in the City of Ashland.

A second public hearing took place regarding new standards for the keeping of micro-livestock and bees in the city limits. City Council will have the final say as to whether or not the new ordinance will amend the Municipal Code. If you are a beekeeper or have critters you might want to give a listen to the discussion and planned actions. Access the meeting at the City video archive.

strombergAnd Mayor John Stromberg will be tackling a timely issue tonight when the subject of GMO’s or genetically modified organisms are the subject of the monthly Ashland Town Hall studio show, which will be seen live on Channels 9 and 21 Grants Pass at 6pm. Local business owner Garrett Furuichi will join His Honor for the discussion of a topic that has big corporations and local small farmers at odds over new strains of crops and the potential danger to original species. Not near a TV for the 6pm show tonight? Catch the live Channel 9 or 21 stream on the RVTV website. Click on the “watch” button and scroll down to the channel you want.

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