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FROM THE BLOG : Brush Up on Traffic Laws with MPD

Brush Up on Traffic Laws with MPD

Back in the late 1990’s and well into the new century the Medford Police Department and other local governments hosted live studio call-in shows each month. None generated more calls each month than “MPD: Rules of the Road.” Focusing primarily on traffic laws, tricky intersections and regulations around town, and viewers questions, Rules of the Road would regularly take 10-15 calls per one hour show. It evolved into an outstanding community outreach tool for the department and engaged hundreds of citizens over the years. It had a great run, but as Tim George took over as Chief, he felt it time to revamp the format.

“MPD, Your Police, Our Community” is the new show, with up to the minute information on local crime cases as well as in depth features on the myriad of work the department, officers, and staff do in Medford to protect lives and property. The February edition of the program has a “Rules of the Road” feel however, as Officer Jason Becker and Sergeant Don Lane join Chief George to talk about general traffic laws. Update your traffic knowledge by checking out the program on channels 180 and 181 in Jackson County and 183GP in Josephine County over the next month, or catch it anytime on demand on the City of Medford website or by clicking here for the RVTV PEG Player.

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