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FROM THE BLOG : Celebrate Mother Earth on Voices

Celebrate Mother Earth on Voices

Mankind has a pretty sweet deal on Planet Earth, shielded from UV rays and a razor thin atmosphere to protect us from the vacuum of space, othewise we’d all have to dress like this guy. We’re looking hard, but haven’t found anything out there quite as uniquely configured to support our existence. We should celebrate and treasure this perfect planet, and we do so this week with Earth Day celebrations throughout the world and our local communities. SOU student Alexander Mesadieu, PEAK Programming assistant for the RVTV Channels, has put together a special line up of shows all day on Voices 182 to commemorate National Earth Day today, April 22. Click here for live stream to check it out.

Saturday, April 25 will be Rogue Valley Earth Day, from 10am to 4pm at Science Works in Ashland. A full line up of activities is available on the RV Earth Day website.

Photo Courtesy San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

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