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FROM THE BLOG : City Council of Medford Sparks Pitbull Controversy

City Council of Medford Sparks Pitbull Controversy

Police in Medford have asked the city council to consider legislation to help reduce the risk posed by dangerous dogs in the area, sparking outrage from Pitbull owners after the breed was specifically mentioned in this week’s work session meeting. Deputy Chief Brett Johnson is quoted saying in a Mail Tribune article on the subject that “if we see dogs on drug search warrants, they are pitbulls.” Council members have emphasized however that they are hoping to draft laws that aren’t breed specific, haven’t made any decisions, and are welcoming community feedback.

Community members against such actions have taken to social media to voice their concerns, such as the vague definition of “pitbulls” and pitbull mixes, the extension of the ban to other “dangerous, bully” breeds, the enforcement of such laws, fears of being separated from unproblematic dogs currently owned within the city, and the fact that breed specific legislation has been argued to make problems such as the city faces now, worse. A petition was set up the day of the announcement and has amassed 2,375 signatures nearly a day later,  A Facebook page has been set up to promote awareness of the issue, to gather testimonials from those who love the breed, and to encourage its defenders to call or email the council with their feedback during this consideration period.

City Council meetings take place bi-monthly on the first and third thursday of the month, with the next taking place on January 16th at 7pm. The meetings are aired live on RVTV cable channel 14, and are streamed on the RVTV website.

To submit your own thoughts on the matter – for or against the ban –  to the city council, you can call 541-774-2000 or email

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