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City Council Promo from Canada goes Viral!

WhitehorseIt’s not all that often that Community Media outlets publish content compelling enough to go viral but some talented folks in the Yukon Territory, just above British Columbia, have done so with a :50 second promo for their City Council meetings. Some dramatic music and contempoary editing techniques carry the message, and the effort also caught the attention of CBC Northern News, who did a short feature not long after the You Tube numbers got rolling. You can see the CBC story (video at the top of the page) and the Whitehorse Council promo itself (video at the bottom of the page) by clicking here.

Our government meetings being televised live, replayed,  and archived for internet access 24/7 is a valuable tool in the mission of the media to act as a watchdog of governing processes. They are not programs that will ever win in the ratings points and there are stretches of business that are not going to keep you on the edge of your seat. But when an issue effects your family or your business, that information becomes vital. The catchy promo from Whitehorse is a dramatic in a tounge in cheek way, as evidenced by the soundbite from the Mayor on the museum grant that drops in. But if you are one of the 23,000+ residents, it would put those Monday meetings on your radar. Good stuff!

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