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Kudos to Tech Talk Host Teece

The crew here at RVTV has known what a great community partner Jim Teece, owner and CEO of Project A in Ashland, is for some time now. We teamed with Jim for many years on the RVTV website, he has been producer and host of Tech Talk, seen live the first Tuesday of each month on channel 9, and we have collaborated on a number of community events for years. The Jackson County Fair, Ashland 4th of July Parade, Festival of Lights celebrations, some great teamwork between Project A, Ashland Home Net, and RVTV has produced some great community programming.

Turns out our friend JT is quite busy elsewhere as well. Local writer John Darling recently caught up with Jim to reflect on the depth of his support and involvement in our local communities and businesses. It’s a great read, and leaves you feeling like we could use a bunch more like Jim Teece in the mix. If you didn’t catch the Mail Tribune article you can do so here: Teece Feature MMT.



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