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FROM THE BLOG : Medical Marijuana Moratorium lifted by Ashland Council

Medical Marijuana Moratorium lifted by Ashland Council

The Ashland City Council culminated months of work by Councilors and City Staff Tuesday night when they lifted a moratorium dating back to April regarding the operation of Medical Marijuana dispensaries in the City limits. Council also approved regulations on where, how, and when such facilities could operate, as well as a conceptual plan to tax marijuana sales. The Council meeting is available on the RVTV PEG Player, with key items marked with chapters for citizens to quickly access specific meeting information.

Operating hours would be 9am to 7pm, certain districts have been identified as areas dispensaries can locate, and marijuana facilities will require an annual dispensary permit from the City, as well as a business license. Limitations on extracts and consumption on site are in place, and the City will require background checks for operators, financial partners, and employees. The Council will also set tax rates for the sale of medical marijuana, and recreational use, should a November Oregon ballot initiative to legalize be passed by voters.

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