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Miss Day One of the Jackson County Budget Meetings? We’ve Got You Covered!

dollar sign
Each year the members of the Jackson County Budget Committee spend the better part of one week together to crunch the numbers for the upcoming fiscal year. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week the Committee and Commissioners are putting in full eight hour days to get through the process. County Administrator Danny Jordan opens with an overview of the past year and what is expected ahead, Department heads make their annual budget reports and requests, and the County Library system were featured on Tuesdays opening round. Many of us are working during the day on our own budget needs, and can’t catch the live cablecasts on Channel 14. That’s why the County and RVTV archive the sessions online for you at the County website. Our video archive will get you to the budget process when time permits and allows you to scroll through to find specific presentations and reports.
JC Courthouse
The Commissioners are back to the Courthouse Auditorium this morning for the weekly Business Session of the Board. Live on Channel 14 at 9:30am the BOC also streams live on the RVTV website. The weekly sessions are posted by early afternoon each Wednesday on the County website, and replay each Wednesday night. 8pm on Channel 9, and most Wednesdays at 10pm on Channel 14. Due to an earlier Budget replay, BOC hits at 10:35 tonight. Keeping citizens connected to local government is what our services are all about.
Jim Moore
And a February presentation from the Higher Education Center in Medford is on the channels this week. Dr. Jim Moore runs the Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation at Pacific University and presented an updated picture of the United States place in the world with his talk “We Are All Globalized Now.” Dr. Moore is the son of former Jackson County Commissioner Tam Moore and the McCall Center that he heads strives to connect Pacific University students with policy makers. His presentation can be seen today at 4pm on Grants Pass Channel 21 and Thursday at 4pm on Channel 9.

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