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New Dawn For Public Access: Part 2 – DMC

More than just a name – the Digital Media Center can bring diverse communities together

By: Charles Douglas

dmclogoRVTV’s facility is in the final stages of its rebirth as the Southern Oregon Digital Media Center. Rogue Valley Community Television continues its operations to serve our public access producers and local government partners under the DMC banner as part of the greater social and educational mission of Southern Oregon University.

As part of this re-branding, the DMC will be holding Open House events next week and into February to celebrate our continuing commitment to the greater Rogue Valley. The Public Access Open House will take place on Wednesday, February 6th from 6 to 8 pm, and will include a potluck, a tour of the remodeled facility and some brief presentations on the latest innovations as RVTV expands its reach in the community.

Along with our wonderful Public Access Producers, we’re also extending invitations to local non-profit organizations and advocacy groups so they can connect with the grassroots media makers in our area. If you know some of them, let them know about the DMC!

We hope that producers will take this opportunity to get to know the many great folks working on charitable causes as those who “just want to make a difference” by pursuing social and political change.

It probably comes as no surprise that things are happening across the valley, and even on this campus, which deserve greater public exposure. Wonderful events take place daily which should be filmed, but aren’t, for want of a competent person with a camera on-hand. With our new Internet Archive partnership and the streaming capabilities on, the outreach tools are there – it takes a Public Access Producer to partner up with these “civil society” actors and turn potential into reality.

Please help us get the word out about this exciting event, and see you on the Sixth!

P.S. We’re already hearing back from a couple of you who would like to serve on the Public Access Advisory Board which is in the formative stages. We will have materials available at the Open House, but advance inquiries are certainly welcome. E-mail Brandon at if you’d like to volunteer.

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