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New Dawn For Public Access: Part 5 – Social Media

Producers must promote their content by all means necessary

By: Charles Douglas

Whether or not you use Facebook or Twitter, your content may have already been promoted there thanks to RVTV!

RVTV Facebook Screenshot

We’re ramping up our public outreach efforts as part of the evolution towards digital media and on-line distribution of our content. This not only helps establish Rogue Valley Community Television as a relevant and up-to-date resource for Southern Oregon, but also directly helps put eyeballs on our live web streams and on our Public Access Archive at

Some of you at our Quarterly Producers Meetings have emphatically told us that you don’t use social media and you don’t ever want to; this is your choice and we respect it. We might suggest, however, that in doing so you are crippling your own ability to share your own work with family, friends and the wider public. Part of your role as Producers is not just to make TV shows, but to get the word out so people actually watch them.

Remember, it is your choice how much, or how little, personal information you provide these companies, and exercising caution given their privacy policies is perfectly appropriate. With that said, please consider helping out RVTV by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and spreading the word about Public Access Archive programs.

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