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Public Access Newsletter – April 11, 2013


Those of you watching RVTV Government Access Channel 14 this afternoon, or catching the local news, have likely already heard about the dramatic cuts recommended by the Jackson County Budget Committee (which are not as yet implemented until Commissioners make their final decision in the next 6-8 weeks).

Among other dramatic changes to how county government chooses to allocate its resources, the Budget Committee voted unanimously to recommend the elimination of the entire contract Jackson County has with Rogue Valley Community Television. This is the biggest contract RVTV has with a local government partner and this funding is critical to the continued functioning of our public, education and government access services.

If implemented, these cuts include approximately $25,000 as Jackson County’s share of support for the Community Access program here at RVTV, as well as over $65,000 for Government Access. The later is used to operate, cablecast and web-stream all Jackson County government meetings (Board of Commissioners, Land Use, Planning Commission and the Budget Committee itself), produce county studio shows at RVTV (Ask The Commissioners, Jackson County Close Up), schedule Government Access Channel 14 and provide on-demand hosting of Jackson County content.

It is no exaggeration to say that the future of public access in Southern Oregon may well be at stake depending on what happens in the next few weeks.

Your Public Access Advisory Board just held its second meeting today, it so happens, to consider its role in strengthening community involvement in RVTV and increasing support for grassroots local media. They are drafting their own statement on these issues, which will be shared with the Public Access community, and they will be looking to work with many of you directly in the days and weeks ahead as this situation develops. Please lend your fellow producers your ear, consider what they have to say, and most importantly, get involved. More information will be shared as soon as possible.


As you might have caught word of by watching the Independent Media Week promos airing on our local channels (also on our Public Access Archive as linked below), this 9th Annual event is quickly approaching. RVTV has stepped up to provide support for celebrating the work we all do as indy media makers producing content of, by and for our community.

We want to invite everyone in the Public Access community to our next Digital Media Center Open House on Wednesday, April 17th from 7 to 9 p.m. Christine Jackson from Heaven on Earth Catering has generously offered to provide refreshments for this event as we show off the latest developments both on the academic side of the DMC and with our thriving community access productions.

We are also hosting a panel discussion, “How To Access Local Indy Media” at 8 p.m. that night in Room 124 (the classroom) where representatives from KSKQ Community Radio, the Rogue Valley Community Press and the Rogue IMC will be on hand to lend a hand to local organizations and advocacy groups who want to get their message past the mainstream media blockade and out into the community-created forms of mass media. This is a great way for you to meet like-minded print, radio and television producers and exchange ideas to generate new programming of relevance to the people of the Rogue Valley!

A full list of events posted at and we certainly encourage you to support the work of our many local partners making this year’s IMW the biggest yet! RVTV is also hosting a “State of Independent Media 2013” LIVE 90-minute broadcast on Saturday, April 20 at 3:30 p.m. over Community Access Channel 15. Joining us at the studio will be Friday night’s keynote speaker, Mickey Huff, the director of Project Censored! He and a panel of local indy media makers will speak to the future of local journalism and how community anchor institutions like RVTV can play a vital role in bridging the digital divide and filling the gaps in local news, cultural and educational programming. Please spread the word!


All of us at RVTV congratulate the latest Studio Certified Producers in our Public Access program, Peggy Siders and Moon Dust. Along with Michael Ball and Bob Schropp — who took the workshops as a refresher course, as all of you who are already certified are welcome to do — they completed a several week course which included seminars held by RVTV staff and hands-on training on many of our Public Access studio programs on Saturdays.

Their final project on Mar. 22 served not only to demonstrate their talents, but helped a larger community effort RVTV is proud to continue its support for, the ninth annual Independent Media Week in the Rogue Valley, which will be from April 14-20 this year…because independent media is what Rogue Valley Community Television is all about! You’ll see the PSAs produced by the SPCW grads airing on Channel 15 for the next few weeks, and they’re also on our Public Access Archive for you to enjoy:

IMW 2013: Urban Kohler

IMW 2013: Moon Dust

IMW 2013: Charles Douglas

IMW 2013: Jason Houk

IMW 2013: Robert Schropp


Equipment check-out is usually on Fridays from 3pm to 6pm – but due to set-up for the Pear Blossom Parade, equipment check-out will only be from 3-4pm on Friday, April 12. Producers are highly encouraged to reserve the equipment they need IN ADVANCE. To do so, please e-mail Charles Douglas at or call (541) 552-6898.

Due to increased demand, RVTV Public Access is running LIVE studio shows the first and third Fridays of the month between 6-8 p.m. (crew call at 5 p.m.). We will also now have THREE studio production timeslots between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the Saturdays we are open, these being 8-11 a.m., 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 2-5 p.m.

Please get ahold of these producers IN ADVANCE if you would like to volunteer in the productions of their programs (and let RVTV staff know too). Here are the remaining Spring Quarter studio production timeslots:

Sat.            STUDIO CLOSED
Apr. 13      (Pear Blossom Parade)

Fri.             6pm-8pm          Corinne Vieville – DUDE In Progress
Apr. 19     

Sat.            8am-11am        Oscar Rodriguez – One Way
Apr. 20      11am-2pm        Therese Swenson – Tough Times
2pm-5pm          Charles Douglas – State of Indy Media

Sat.            8am-11am        Craig Comstock – Like, Wow!
Apr. 27      11am-2pm        Kumud Gokani – Cooking With Kumud
2pm-5pm          Gokul Gokani – Meditation

Fri.             6pm-8pm          OPEN – FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED
May 3

Sat.            8am-11am        Urban Kohler – Perspectives on Wall St.
May 4        11am-2pm        Gokul Gokani – Art & Awareness of Health
2pm-5pm          Sheral Graham – AV Musicians Spotlight

Sat.            8am-11am        Bob Schropp – Keeping Seniors Connected
May 11      11am-2pm        Michael D. Fox – Mickey Balloonman
2pm-5pm          Dean Walker – Presence

Fri.             6pm-8pm          Corinne Vieville – DUDE In Progress
May 17

Sat.            8am-11am        Bob Schropp – Keeping Seniors Connected
May 18      11am-2pm        Bob Schropp – Keeping Seniors Connected
2pm-5pm          Britt Ivy – Passion

Sat.            STUDIO CLOSED
May 25      (Memorial Day Holiday)

Sat.            8am-11am        Michael Fox – Mickey Balloonman Show
June 1       11am-2pm        Sheral Graham – RV Musicians Spotlight
2pm-5pm          Kumud Gokani – Meditation

Fri.             6pm-8pm          Urban Kohler – Perspectives on Wall St.
June 7

Sat.            8am-11am        Therese Swenson – Tough Times
June 8       11am-2pm        Britt Ivy – Passion
2pm-5pm          Dean Walker – Presence

Sat.            STUDIO CLOSED
June 15     (SOU Commencement)

Fri.             6pm-8pm          Corinne Vieville – DUDE In Progress
June 21

Sat.            8am-11am        Urban Kohler – Perspectives on Wall St.
June 22     11am-2pm        Pravina McClure – Profile of an Artist
2pm-5pm          Nancy Bloom – Life Passages

Sat.            STUDIO CLOSED
June 29     (Summer Break)

News & schedules for studio production

Last week’s productions

Oscar Rodriguez kicked off the Spring Quarter with two new episodes of One Way, which sometimes goes by the name “Un Solo Camino” when en español. With the new studio production schedule, Oscar was up and ready to go at 8 in the morning! He spoke at length with Pastor Tim Olson of Bethel Church at Vista Pointe about finding purpose and meaning in life.

Midday brought lunchtime, and what better solution could be found? Cooking With Kumud, of course! Kumud was joined by Gokul (aka Krishna) to whip up a healthy serving of mung beans with yogurt & cilantro chutney, followed by fried rice & yogurt rice. They always include the detailed recipe on screen for viewers to follow along at home and try out for themselves.

Dr. Gokani moved from helper to host later in the afternoon to begin a new season of The Art & Awareness of Happy Health. He interviewed Pilates teacher, yoga instructor and reflexologist Mona Therese Winston, who holds classes locally to share her insights into focus, breath and balance.

As linked above, these studio shows are being shared on the new Public Access Archive at and distributed widely, with 2,695 downloads in its first three months! Please e-mail these links to your friends, post these on the social media of your preference, and help us get the word out.

4/19/135PM-8PM(LIVE 6:30-7:30) D.U.D.E. In ProgressProducer: Corinne Vieville
Director: Jasmine Karcey
Graphics Manager: Michael D. Fox
Floor Manager: Joseph Kauth
4/20/138AM-11AM One Way (“Un Solo Camino”)Producer: Oscar Rodriguez
Director: Michael Rhoades
Graphics Manager: Bob Schropp
Floor Manager: Brighton Litjens
4/20/1311AM-2PM Tough TimesProducer: Therese Swenson
Director: Michael Rhoades
Graphics Manager: Michael D. Fox
Floor Manager: Joseph Kauth
4/20/132PM-5PM(LIVE 3:30-5) State Of Independent MediaProducer: Charles Douglas
Director: Dean Walker
Graphics Manager: Jasmine Karcey
Floor Manager: Urban Kohler


If you would like to be contacted to Direct or crew for any programs, please contact Brandon ( ) or Charles ( ) so that we can put Producers in contact with you. We always need capable Directors and crew wanting to hone their skills!

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