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Public Access Newsletter — February 27th, 2013


It’s already time for our Mandatory Meeting of all RVTV Studio Producers! Please join us this Monday, March 4th at 7 p.m. at the Digital Media Center classroom (Rm. 121) if you would like to bid for one or more studio production timeslots for the Spring Quarter (April, May, June).

Due to popular demand, this bidding will not only be for Saturday timeslots, but will bring back Friday night LIVE production timeslots between 6-8 p.m. These will be on the first and third Friday of each month in the Spring Quarter in order to accommodate another round of studio certification workshops on the alternating Fridays.

The new lottery system implemented for the Winter Quarter studio production selection will continue, with a twist — as RVTV Staff promised you in December, the top volunteer in this recent quarter will be rewarded with a free timeslot prior to the general lottery, and the runners-up will be in the front of the line in making their draft picks. This is our way of encouraging the spirit of volunteerism and Producers Helping Producers, which is essential for RVTV Public Access to succeed for everyone!

Although it almost goes without saying – there are no proxies and there is no ‘phoning it in’ to this mandatory meeting. Producers must be present to bid for timeslots, and each producer gets one pick at a time, NOT one pick per show they produce.

Aside from the bonuses for our top Public Access volunteers, each producer will have the opportunity to bid for a production timeslot in every round before going through the draft pick lottery order once more. Please remember, these are three-hour production time slots – TWO half-hour long programs or ONE hour-long program MINIUMUM must be submitted to air on Channel 15 as a result of each production timeslot. Any special projects deviating from this formula require prior approval.

There will be special announcements and further surprises in store, so mark your calendar and join us next Monday at 7pm!


Final Cut XFinal Cut X (that’s Ten) is coming to our RVTV Editing Computer. This and a number of other upgrades will be made to our Mac next week. If you have any files from your Public Access projects stored on this machine, you must remove all data by next Wednesday, March 6th at Noon. This machine will be re-imaged and all data will be deleted from its hard drive thereafter (anything stored on an external drive will be unaffected, and it’s already our standing policy that project files be kept in this manner and not stored on the Mac itself).

This is a good time to remind Producers that this terminal is generally available for you use to edit Public Access projects during open hours at the Digital Media Center. Reservations are not required, but certainly recommended if you wish to schedule your use and make sure this does not come into conflict with another user (first come, first served applies otherwise).

RVTV Staff maintains this facility, which is available to all certified producers, with the understanding that we cannot edit your projects for you. If you require tutoring in the use of iMovie or Final Cut, we can point you to the numerous free on-line tutorials available on the subject. If you need hands-on assistance, it might be possible to put you in contact with an SOU student who is interested in providing tutoring services. But due to the numerous other projects underway, RVTV simply does not have the resources to provide one-on-one editing courses (of any length of time) to producers. Thank you for your understanding about this.


It’s official – we are now part of the Digital Media Center!

Our work as RVTV continues undiminished as we integrate more fully into the educational mission of Southern Oregon University – as you can see on display with DMC academic coordinator Erik Palmer on the SOU home page (direct link:

A big thanks to those of you who joined us for our Public Access Open House and facility tour, some of whom continued on to join us for our first Studio Production Certification workshops of the year. These participants are now volunteering on Public Access Saturdays on the shows of various grassroots producers, so say hello when you see them!

Rogue Valley Community Television is an important element of the DMC and continues to be an invaluable resource to local governments, to the viewing public (now growing across the web) and to public access producers like you! Revitalizing our Public Access Advisory Board is part of keeping community access television relevant and sustainable into the future; read the essay at the end of this newsletter for more.


Equipment check-out is on Fridays from 3pm to 6pm. Producers are highly encouraged to reserve the equipment they need IN ADVANCE. To do so, please e-mail Charles Douglas at or call (541) 552-6898. Equipment check-out is no longer available on Tuesdays.

Just a reminder…the studio production timeslots are all set for Winter Quarter 2013! We understand there were a few producers who didn’t make the quarterly producer’s meeting who may be interested in queuing up for any timeslots which open up. There is now a Waitlist for any producer WITHOUT a timeslot who wishes to be first in line to get the call if there is a cancellation for one of the Winter Quarter timeslots. Contact Charles to get on this list.

Please get ahold of these producers IN ADVANCE if you would like to volunteer in the productions of their programs (and let RVTV staff know too). Here are the remaining studio production dates for Winter Quarter 2013:

Mar. 2        9am-12pm Urban Kohler
12pm-3pm Dean Walker

Mar. 9        9am-12pm Angie Christianson
12pm-3pm Nancy Bloom

Mar. 16      9am-12pm Dean Walker
12pm-3pm Sheral Graham

Mar. 23      9am-12pm Britt Ivy
12pm-3pm Kumud Gokani

Mar. 30      9am-12pm Urban Kohler
12pm-3pm Michael Fox

News & schedules for studio production

Recent productions

For his last studio productions of the quarter, Dr. Gokul Gokani invited Sarah Marshank and Dr. Steven Marshank to speak with him in back-to-back episodes of The Art & Awareness Of Happy Health. With the absence of many of our stalwart crewmembers due to other commitments that weekend, longtime local producer Sheral Graham stepped into the breach to direct this pair of thoughtful conversations on topics ranging from ashrams to stem cells, with the help of Bob Schropp on graphics.

Sheral switched to her producer role in the afternoon, with a big crew of local sound engineers and other musically inclined folks to put together the first two episodes of a new series, Rogue Valley Musicians Spotlight. A vibraphone-centered jazz group, The Mackay Project, performed live in the studio, complete with a live audience and even dancers!

For the final weekend in February, we welcome back Oscar Rodriguez, who flipped the script on his Spanish-language evangelical show, One Way (“Un Solo Camino”) – this time filming two episodes in English as he welcomed a special guest to talk about local youth outreach efforts.

Filling in on the fly last Saturday afternoon, Urban Kohler returned from beautiful Puerto Rico rested and ready to continue his show. It’s now known as “Perspectives on Wall Street and Activism” to reflect a broader base of concerns beyond just the Occupy movement – although he took the time to film a two-part interview with a journalist who covered the Occupy movement in Humboldt County before relocating to the Rogue Valley late last year…

As linked above, these studio shows are being shared on the new Public Access Archive at and distributed widely, with over 700 downloads in less than two months! Please e-mail these links to your friends, post these on the social media of your preference, and help us get the word out.

3/2/139AM-Noon Perspectives On Wall St. & ActivismProducer:
Urban Kohler
Gabriele Fellows
3/2/13Noon-3PM PresenceProducer: Dean Walker
Director: Dean Walker

If you would like to be contacted to Direct or crew for any programs, please contact Brandon ( ) or Charles ( ) so that we can put Producers in contact with you. We always need capable Directors and crew wanting to hone their skills!

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