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FROM THE BLOG : RVTV Scarefest on Prime 180/9 Highlights Halloween

RVTV Scarefest on Prime 180/9 Highlights Halloween

Some classic scary movie favorites right on up to new horror content created by video and film students at SOU…don’t tune in to RVTV PRIME this Halloween night unless you’re in the market for some fright. Beginning at 5pm with the Headless Horseman cartoon, with the feature item of the early block The House on Haunted Hill. At 6:30 a giant Tarantula wreaks havoc, a result of humans playing loose and fast with the newly discovered powers of radioactivity. Zombies attack throughout the night, and at 10pm another feature item, Night of the Living Dead.

The fun rolls on well past midnight, Decay is the feature item for the witching hour, and SOU student creations will keep the scare on through the dark and stormy night. You’ll be wanting for the light of day before it’s done! The RVTV Halloween Scarefest, Friday beginning at 5pm on RVTV Prime 180/9.

Also, check out RVTV Voices 182 late night for more Halloween themed fun, included the World Premier of a feature film written, produced, shot, and edited by SOU Students. “Creeper”, directed by Ron Huffstetter, will set a scary tone for Voices fun on Hallows Eve. Not on cable? You can join the fun by watching on the 180 and 182 live streams from the RVTV website.


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