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FROM THE BLOG : SOU Crew Shines at the Pear Blossom Parade

SOU Crew Shines at the Pear Blossom Parade

Despite steady rain showers the SOU Student Crew pulled off outstanding live coverage of the 2015 Pear Blossom Parade from downtown Medford Saturday. The 62nd edition of the spring favorite featured cool temps and damp skies, but that didn’t stop thousands of parade fans from lining the streets of downtown Medford.

Under the direction of Executive Producer Joe Brett and Director Charles Douglas, and with an outstanding new location at Howie’s to work with, the 2015 coverage may well have been the best effort in the 10 years RVTV has partnered with the Festival Association to provide live TV coverage. And we almost made it through the 8 hour affair without a hitch, until it came time to reel in one of the 800 foot camera and audio lines. The third and final reel proved to be the days biggest challenge, as Charles Douglas and Mike Greata load it up. The snag was delaying our lunch at Howies, so we tossed it in the rig to fight with back at home.

Check out the RVTV effort anytime by clicking here for the RVTV Peg Player replay.

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