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Where are my Online Files this Week?

Telvue TurboThe RVTV Master Control complex sits deep inside the Digital Media Center and has a half dozen floor to ceiling racks full of electronic equipment to feed the cable systems and internet 24/7. There is also a few miles of wiring of all things analog and digital. An incredible collective piece of machinery. Except when one key component goes sideways.

Hence the picture of the Telvue Turbo Workflow Accelerator above. All of our local government meetings, studio shows, and short videos flow through this small unit on their way to the cloud, a mystical place where files can be stored and accessed via the internet. We push meetings and shows to the cloud server on a daily basis, until Monday when the Turbo checked out on us. Most of our Telvue issues can be resolved by their experts remotely accessing our machines, not so with this one.  A new unit has shipped, and is expected to be in my Monday of next week.

What this means for you end users is that no programming from our government partners has been able to be posted to the respective City and County websites this week…and many of you have noticed. Once the new Turbo is in and running it will only take a day or two to catch up on files waiting to post and you should be seeing most of your meetings available online with-in 24 hours of the live conclusion.

If you ever have questions about a certain file or need programming information you can reach RVTV Operations at 541-552-8416.

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