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Fee Schedule

Rogue Valley Community Television – Public Access

Recommended by the Public Access Advisory Board &
Ratified by RVTV Staff, October 2015.

NOTE: Equipment and facility use through the RVTV Public Access program is for local residents who have obtained the required Field Certification or Studio Certification via successful completion of the applicable workshop series. Equipment use and edit lab use is by reservation only, and studio use is restricted to pre-established timeslots on Friday evenings and Saturdays as distributed at the Quarterly Studio Producers Meeting. All fees are non-refundable. For more information, contact Charles Douglas at or (541) 552-6898.

Services (1)

As of October 15, 2015

Digital Submission (Local Program)



Digital Submission (Non-Local Program)



DVD Submission (Local Program)



DVD Submission (Non-Local Program)



VHS/MiniDV Submission (Local Program)



VHS/MiniDV Submission
(Non-Local Program)



Programs/media requiring extra work (Local Program) (3)



Programs/media requiring ex. work
(Non-Local Program) (3)



DVD Duplication (4)



DVD Duplication w/blanks provided (4)



Studio Production Timeslots (3 hours)



Basic Studio/Field Certification Workshop (2 hours each)



Advanced Studio/Field Courses
(2 hours each)




  1. RVTV Public Access EquipmentRVTV Mentors & Staff may ask to have their fees waived; other Community Access producers may ask to make separate arrangements to have volunteer time on official station projects (not Public Access programs) cover their studio, equipment & program submission fees.
  2. Those who in the process of taking the Basic Field Production Certification Workshop series are exempt from equipment rental fees.
  3.  “Programs/media requiring extra work” shall be re-defined as ANY program requiring extra work, which shall include cutting off heads/tails, removing inappropriate underwriting credits, re-formatting & re-encoding DVDs, etc.
  4. Bulk DVD duplication discounts shall be on a sliding scale up to half-price for over ten copies.