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Public Access – Studio Certification

studioclass2Get ready for the summer Studio Producer Certification Workshop at RVTV!

You’ll learn the ins and outs of operating a studio environment, get an introduction to the cameras, lighting, sound, graphics and video switching equipment and work with professionals at RVTV to produce content which will go on the air at the conclusion of the course!

As part of becoming “studio certified,” local residents who take these courses are be expected to make themselves available for on-site learning opportunities on our Public Access Saturdays. It is expected that on the weekends between each workshop, attendees will volunteer on one or two studio sessions crewed by our presently certified Public Access Producers. There are three sessions on each Saturday, one from 9am to 12pm, the next from 12pm to 3pm, and the final from 3pm to 6pm – this provides six opportunities every two weeks to fulfill this certification requirement — and this doesn’t include the live studio shoots every Friday evening!

Courses for new producers are $30 per workshop pre-paid, while volunteering on Public Access productions is, naturally, free. Pre-payment for all five workshops ($150) guarantees your seat in the course.  If you’re an Ashland resident, the funding from the City for our access education gets you 20% of your class fees.

Those who have already gone through our Studio Production Certification, but need a skills tune-up, are welcome to observe without being charged, so long as space is available. You can pre-pay to guarantee your seat in the class —  contact Public Access staff at (541) 552-6898.

Thursday February 13th @ 5-7pm

Introduction / Orientation – Learn about RVTV and what it means to be an Independent Community Access Producer.  Learn the basics of pre-production, and get an orientation to the Studio — you’ll briefly explore  cameras, sound, and lighting, along with a quick introduction to the control room.

Thursday February 20th @ 5-7pm

Set up the studio!  The second class is an immersive, hands on, experience utilizing the entire production space.  You’ll build a simple set, place and operate cameras and lights, set-up microphones, and walk thru switching all those sources in the control room.  Start thinking about your class project!

Thursday February 27th @ 5-7pm

Control room deep dive.  The class will quickly set the studio and spend the rest of the session exploring how you integrate the video, graphics, and sound in the control room system.  Plan your class project!

Thursday March 5th @ 5-7pm

Refining what you’ve learned to prepare for your class final project.  You’ll set the studio for your planned show and practice some of the production elements you’ll employ for the program.

Thursday March 19th @ 5-7pm (Final Production)

Capstone Experience: LIVE Production — you will produce your own television program appearing on RVTV Voices!