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Weekend Wanderings on RVTV Channel 9

Not all who wander are lost! At RVTV, we turn Channel 9 loose on the weekends and open up the server to the ecclectic collection of programs and performances from the programming files. A few to watch for this weekend include:

Friday: Tune in at 11pm for a Fronk marathon. An epic mini-series from Northern California is all I know about the six shows that will run in order between 11pm and 4am. Redwoods and intergalactic forces. You’ll have to tune in or DVR it to learn more!


Saturday: Shortly after 11am The Angela Barber Story is featured. Near graduation from SOU, Angela’s life was forever altered by a devastating crash caused by a repeat drunk driver. A story of hope and perserverance, Angela shares her story in hopes others might not suffer the same fate. Now married and a mother, an incredible local woman is profiled. At 1:30pm an SOU lecture from a decade ago that featured Angela Davis, a Civil Rights activist from the 60’s. At 3:30, the Last Days of Savage Rapids Dam and River of Power play back to back, features on the Rogue and Columbia Rivers. And at 6pm watch for two episodes of Mysterious China.
S Rapids

Sunday: The channel rests on Sundays until 5pm and then programs through midnight. Leading off this weekend at 5 is a memorable performance by the late Robin Lawson entitled “Churchill on Leadership.” Sir Robin examines the great speeches he heard from the British leader while growing up as a child in WW II England. “Farber: The History of Survey” and “Green Economy, Sustainable Valley part 1 fill the 6pm slot, while at 7pm another from the SOU lecture vault, Richard Leaky. At 8pm, join with your brothers and sisters from around the Rogue Valley in the 25th annual MLK celebration from Ashland. SOU Professor of Communication DL Richardson hosts.
RVTV Channel 9 on the weekends. Come wander around the server with us and see what great programs and performances await you this weekend!

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