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Ashland Council focuses on Internet Based Business tonight

The world wide web, I’m learning, does more than just stream live NCAA tournament scores to my phone. An entire new industry has emerged with businesses large and small now dependent on the internet to connect and distribute. Ashland City Councilor Greg Lemhouse has led the Council in an effort to increase net based businesses in the City by 50% over the next two years. The Council is taking public input on the topic at their regular 7pm meeting at the Civic Center on East Main Street. The meeting will televise live on RVTV Channel 9 and stream live at the website. The City of Ashland owns the Ashland Fiber Network and the high speed internet service that goes with it. An electronic commerce overlay zone could be in the works as well which could help businesses with state income tax credits. The meeting will also be available on demand on the City website Wednesday morning at
Internet 2
With Star Trek it was Trekkies. On the local front we have Tecchies. You Tecchies out there will be sorry to hear that tonight’s April edition of Tech Talk with Jim Teece is postponed. In it’s 11th year on RVTV Tech Talk brings viewers to the bleeding edge of new technology and applications. Working on a re-schedule date for TT, tonight’s 6pm time slot will be filled by the new edition of Medford Mayor’s Conversation and information about upcoming Parks and Recreation activities and events
Grants Pass City
City of Grants Pass Channel 21 leads off at 4pm tonight with the Community Forum on Homeless and Transients, takes a Travel Exchange adventure to New Zealand at 8pm, and features the restoration of Diamond Lake at 11pm with a documentary titled ” Restoring the Gem.” Diamond Lake just north of Crater Lake is a pristine natural Cascade Mountains lake that was over-run by Tai Chub, a non-native fish that choked out the legendary trout population there. Extensive effort was made to restore the balance.
Diamond Lake
Trout season is just around the corner BTW! You just never know what you might learn about issues and attractions in our area on the RVTV Channels. Our daily programming schedules and live channel streams are available via the website. Tune in tonight and keep up with all the action in our area.

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