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FROM THE BLOG : Grants Pass Council Tackles Dispensaries Options

Grants Pass Council Tackles Dispensaries Options

The Grants Pass City Council is gearing up to decide the fate of medical marijuana dispensaries in the City limits after a presentation from City Attorney Mark Bartholomew at the Council Workshop Monday, March 24. His recommendation was to follow the State of Oregon’s lead and declare a one year moratorium effective May 1. Councilors could also draft an ordinance to ban the facilities outright, or create regulations as to how such businesses might be allowed to operate in the City. Bartholomew’s presentation and the Council discussion will be available later today on the RVTV PEG Player.

All three options will be on the table when the Council revisits the issue at the April 2 meeting, which will televise live on Channel 21 in Grants Pass and stream live on the RVTV Website. Medford, Phoenix, Ashland, Central Point, and other cities in the region are all working on similar issues and are moving forward since the State Legislature created the one year moratorium at it’s recent short session. Jackson and Josephine Counties are also addressing the regulation of dispensaries. A Medford dispensary closed this week and is hoping to gain a Circuit Court injunction against the City to re-open.

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