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WATCH LIVE : March Medford Forum focus on Oregon Property Taxes

March Medford Forum focus on Oregon Property Taxes

Property owners in the State of Oregon carry a lion’s share of the burden for financing local governments, schools, and essential services. Efforts to find a more equitable taxing system are as common as the spring rains in the state, yet solutions remain elusive. The League of Oregon Cities, in conjunction with local government representatives, are looking for some specific tweaks to the system to make it more equitable, and to allow local voter approved funding measures beyond state tax limitations.

On the March edition of Medford Forum, host Chantell Munoz welcomed Medford City Councilor Dick Gordon and Chris Fick from the League of Oregon Cities for a thorough discussion of our current system and what changes the LOC proposes to promote more local control. The program replays over the next 4 weeks on the RVTV Channels as is available anytime on the RVTV PEG Player.

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